Thursday, October 25, 2012

chippity chop and two fab finds

I did it. I finally got all of the little guts up inside of me and chopped off my hair. Wham!
Usually I regret cutting my hair, but this time I just feel plain old free. 
I was afraid it would look to "mom-ish" but I think it looks young enough, don't you?
If you don't, please don't say so. Then I might start having regrets.

On another note, let me apologize for the number of pictures of yours truly in this post.
It just turned out that way.
I found some great loot at the thrift store this week for ridiculous prices and I wanted to share.
When I showed Robert it was beyond him to envision what I was going to do with them. 
A men's oversized shirt and a grandma skirt? He thought I'd lost my mind. I was ready to prove him wrong.

shirt ~ thrifted for $1.45 leggings ~ f21 hat ~ h&m
boots ~ dsw watch ~ target jewelry ~ thrifted

I love me a men's button-up. They are the comfiest things on this planet, truly.
I feel like I used to be afraid of oversized things because I felt like they made me look big, but by rolling up the sleeves and pairing with leggings the proportions generally work out great.
And besides, you've just created the dreamiest outfit of all time...couldn't be more comfortable.

 skirt ~ thrifted for $0.69! shirt ~ old navy on sale for $2 shoes ~ nps 
belt ~ rue 21 forever ago watch ~ target jewelry ~ thrifted

Sixty nine cents. Sixty nine cents!! And it had pockets. How could I pass that up? 
I'll admit, it's a little grandma-ish, but grandma-ish is kind of in. And if nothing else, it is ridiculously comfortable and I can wear it when I'm pregs again because it has a stretch waist band.
Total score.

Happy Thursday!


  1. your hair looks super duper cute laura!

    1. Thanks Christine! Let's do something soon, yes??

  2. LOVE your hair!! Super cute and super young. You make anything look great.

    1. Thank you for making me feel great about myself, as always. You're seriously the best.

  3. Can we please be thrifting buddies?! Teach me yours ways, and your hair is SOOO CUTEEE!!!!

  4. You hair cut looks amazing! I'd never thought to try a men's shirt and that skirt is too cute!

  5. Super cute hair Mech, I love it. Who cut it for you? P.S. You are so stinking skinny!

    1. Thanks lady! My old mission companion cut it for me at her salon. She does a really good job.

  6. this is too good to be true! you like to thrift + you are darling + we are kinda sorta neighbors?? i can't even handle this!

  7. Your hair looks great. I love that you had the guts to cut it! Definitely not mommy-ish!
    The chaos hop brought me here but I already follow you anyway :))


    giveaway going on now!

  8. Hi! Found on the Friday Chaos Blog Hop! New Follower via GFC! Would love to have you follow my blog, as well! Have a great day!

    Kristy @ Shona Skye Creations

  9. New follower through Friday Chaos! LOVEEEE those outfits; I've never even thought to go thrifting for clothes! What a great idea :)

    Hope you'll stop by!


  10. Ok, so I'm pretty much in love with your style. And even more in love with it because you got those digs thrifting. Wanna teach a fellow mama? And could your baby be any cuter?

    Stopping by and following from Friday Chaos. Would love for you to stop by my blog too! Happy weekend xo

  11. Umm... Hello cute hair cute! It looks so adorable on you - hot momma! Stopping by from the Friday Chaos linkup. New follower.

  12. SOO CUTE!
    I LOVE it when I have a new hair cut. Especially a cute short sassy one. looks totally cute on you!
    I found your blog through Sarah at happiness is..

    your newest follower. excited to read more!


  13. What is with all these random peeps commenting on your blog??? Friday Chaos, huh? Your hair looks fan tab. Did you convince Robert about your purchases or does he still think you're crazy?

    As a side note, I'm going to stop commenting on your blog if I have to keep typing in the random letters and numbers for it to post. I can't stand that!!! I always get it wrong. I just got it wrong twice. ARG!

  14. Stopping by from Friday Chaos! I love your hair cut! It is the perfect length. I enjoyed reading your blog.

  15. Hair is super cute! Stopping by from peacoats and plaid blog hop!!! Your newest follower!