Thursday, July 26, 2012

one last hurrah in washington, dc

Last weekend we headed down to Grams and Gramps' place in Maryland for one last visit before we make the trek home next month. We wanted to keep the weekend a little more low key but still wanted to take advantage of all there is to see so we decided to take a few hours on Saturday morning and visit Mount Vernon, George Washington's old estate. I've been there a few times, but both Bob and I have found ourselves becoming more and more interested in history since being here so we were both excited to go.

The estate and property are massive and beautiful. We weren't able to take pictures inside the main part of the mansion, but they still have the bed in the Washington's room where he died, his presidential chair, and many other pieces that are original to the house.

Washington, his wife Martha, and many of his families have been buried in this tomb on the property.

There are people all over the estate dressed in old time clothes. It's pretty funny, especially since they have to keep in character.

The back porch is my dream porch. It's huge and overlooks the most beautiful view of the Potomac River.

George and Martha. Martha thinks things are pretty hilarious.

I have loved being within just a few hours drive of my grandparents. They have been so good to us and staying with them feels like coming home, in a way.

Min helping Grams in the kitchen. Grandma and Grandpa were both surprised how well she's walking since the last time they saw her, about a month ago, she was only taking 3 or so steps at a time. I love that she's walking so well, but it's tough when you're at someone else's house and have to make sure she doesn't pull every little thing off of shelves or out of drawers.

We will sure miss being close to my grandparents but are hopeful they'll come and visit us in Salt Lake soon.

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