Tuesday, July 17, 2012

a weekend in lexington, va

We spent last weekend with my cousin Kathryn and her family in Lexington, VA, which is about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Annville. Kathryn's husband is a law librarian at Washington and Lee University and they moved there just about the same time Min was born. We had a lovely weekend with the whole crew, including a visit to Washington and Lee to see where Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and their horses were laid to rest.

This is the church where Robert E. Lee and much of his family are now buried. They actually have a family crypt in the basement.

And this is what mine and Robert's life might look like in 10 years.

Lee's beloved horse Traveller. I love how much these guys loved their horses. I guess Traveller was buried somewhere else for awhile but they decided to move him closer to his owner and dug up his bones and moved him just outside the family crypt in the 1970s.

This is one of the main buildings at Washington and Lee University

Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate general during the Cival War and worked under Lee.

And what's better than having your horse buried beside you? Stuffing it so it can be memorialized forever, of course. Jackson's dearest Sorrel died in 1886...100 years before I was born. Isn't that weird?? I bet he smells good.

Kathryn and Ron also took us to this hilarious place in the middle of nowhere called Foamhenge, which was some guys April Fools joke many years ago, but enough people were interested in it that he left it up. A faux Stonehenge made out of foam? Genius.

This year's Christmas card.

Lexington is a small little place, but it sure is lovely and the downtown is so charming.

Minnie had the strangest fear of Ron for some reason. He'd try to make her laugh and end up making her cry in pure terror. I couldn't help but laugh, it was so bizarre. He thought it might be the beard so he decided to shave, but ended up doing so in stages, naturally.

Minnie was a little less scared of him without the beard, but only a little. I told him he should leave the fumanchu for church, but unfortunately he buzzed it.

Lilly, Sophie and Tim were pretty infatuated with Min, especially the girls. Here we are reading scriptures and getting ready for bed. Minnie was pretty much always on one of their laps or holding their hands. She liked it most of the time, but I think she would have preferred to run free a little more. And yes, that's a monkey on my neck.

On Sunday morning I woke up to hear Minnie chatting with someone. I walked out of our room to find Minnie out of her pack and play, sitting on the couch jabbering away at Lilly. Lilly had pulled her out of her bed and decided it was time to play. Minnie was giddy as could be. I'm just glad she didn't fall off of the couch.

It is so fun to live close enough to family that we can take off on Friday and visit them for the weekend. Kathryn and Ron were such fun hosts. Thanks you guys!

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