Monday, October 8, 2012

a lazy sunday afternoon

About 95% of the pictures I've taken lately have been outside.
I think it's because I'm sort of dreading winter and subconsciously I believe by documenting the sun and the green grass that somehow I'll keep fall around a little longer.
Not. gonna. happen.

Yesterday I had the laziest Sunday of my life...and I loved it.
We watched General Conference, ate lots of food, and had Uncle Nick and Aunt Megan over for dinner.
As you can tell, they win the prize for favorite aunt and uncle.
Minnie is a total sucker for Nick these days and puts her arms out for him to hold her as soon as she sees him. It's pretty sweet.

I'm really missing Robert while he's gallivanting around NYC. Minnie does too.
We talk every day, but that just doesn't cut it.
We're going on a little getaway with some friends this weekend and leaving Minnie with amazing family members who offered to watch her for a few days.
Robert and I have never both been away from Minnie overnight, and while I am really looking forward to spending a little one-on-one time with Bob, I'm a little heartsick about leaving Min behind.
She'll be fine, I'm sure, and I trust my family 100% with her, it's just the mom in me that's having a hard time letting go.
Hopefully I'll get over my separation anxiety by the time she leaves for college.
Otherwise, it looks like we're getting bunk beds and she and I are going to be roommates.


  1. My baby girl is 2 and we've never both been away from her overnight. I'm sure you will enjoy your time together but miss her like crazy

    1. You're right, I probably will enjoy it. I just need to start getting used to it I guess. I think it's going to be tough for me though.