Saturday, October 6, 2012

they're here!

With a heavy heart I dropped Robert off at the airport Wednesday afternoon for his week trip back east,
but these little beauties found their way down south from Canada on Thursday to stay with us for a few weeks and filled my heart with joy upon their arrival.

My sister Charlotte just had her THIRD boy and was good enough to pack up her whole life and drive 12 hours to come and keep me and Minnie company.
Look at her and this baby train she pushed up the canyon for our picnic Friday.
Super mom, I tell you.
Her two oldest are only 16 months apart and are the busiest children I know. Seriously.
Minnie is loving that she has little friends to play with. When I bring her downstairs in the morning she beams the minute she hears their voices and wiggles to get out of my arms to go play.
I'm equally as happy that my sis is here.
Seriously, is there anything better than sisters??


  1. seriously, she is SUPER mom! and to have a dog too! wow!

    how lucky you were to have some company while the man is gone! and I had to laugh at your baby train bit there-- it totally is like a little baby train!

    1. She is, huh? I hope I can be as tough as her when I have three kids. I just took a look at your blog and you are seriously the cutest pregnant girl ever! You're so close! I hope your labor goes well. Babies are seriously THE BEST.

  2. My Sister lives in Maryland and I HATE it, but I absolutely love it when she comes to visit. I spend every second with her while she is here. Nothing is better than sisters! :)

    1. I hate that my sister lives far away too. It's funny because when we were younger she and I would fight pretty frequently. Now I can't get enough of her. I just wish my whole family could live in one city, don't you??