Wednesday, November 28, 2012

cheer in bits and pieces at our place

 When I realized we wouldn't be buying a real Christmas tree this year my heart broke a little.
I have had a real Christmas tree every year since I can remember.
To me, it just isn't Christmas without that overwhelming piney smell filling the house.
But alas, we will be gone for more than 10 days over Christmas and a poor old tree would just die a long death in our house, unused.

The bright side to this sob story is that we will be in Guam for 10 days.
We also found a funny little fake tree my mom had hidden away and were able to get a few decorations up to get us in the spirit.
To be honest, it's kind of nice not to feel obligated to decorate all out.
Bits and pieces are getting us cheery enough.
Monday night after decorating our baby tree we lit it up, turned on Christmas music and ate pumpkin pie on the living room floor.
It felt perfectly Christmasy.


  1. It looks so festive in your house. At least you are able to decorate a little and not feel overwhelmed with having to go all out. This year, I will not be able to put any decorations out because we are moving in just a few short weeks!

  2. Your decorations are adorable, love them!

  3. Don't tell dad you ate on the living room floor!!!

  4. Your decorations are so cute! I love everything:) I'm a new follower! xo

  5. Even though you didn't go all out with your decorations, it still looks great! Just like you, we have always had a REAL Christmas tree in our house while I was growing up. Unfortunately, me and hubs had to finally bite the bullet and get a fake tree since we work too much to find the time to buy a real one and because we always head to Indiana for the holidays, so like you, it would be dumb to buy a real one that would just die!

    Newest follower :)