Tuesday, November 27, 2012

min's new love

My mom gave Minnie a stuffed elephant before she was even born, and the girl has slept with it for all 15 months of her life.
Yet it seems as though she has now just discovered him and he has officially become her best bud.
She generally refuses to get out of her crib in the morning without elephant in hand.
Recently, fits have been thrown if I try to take him away so she can eat.
A few days ago I gave in and let her hold him while she chowed down and he ended up getting banana smeared all over his bum.
You'd think I'd learn.

Min hasn't really gotten attached to too many things (besides binkis) so I am kind of in love with her obsession with Mr. Elephant.
She tries to play with him, gives him big hugs and kisses and drags him around all over the house.
It's pretty darn sweet.
Thanks Mom!


  1. ahhhhhhh love love love this! Your daughter is beyond adorable:):)

  2. Minnie and Finn would make the most adorable children (far from now after they've graduated college, sever missions and been sealed in the temple, of course)! They both have those adorable chubby cheeks, juicy lips and blonde hair. Could you imagine how gorgeous their babies would be?!? ;)