Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my graduate

As I was dropping Robert off at his MBA graduation last Friday, my eyes started to well with tears as I stood behind him, making sure his gown and sashes were all on correctly.
I would blame it on hormones, but I've got to be honest with myself, I am just a big baby.

Robert has worked so hard these past two years and I am a proud, proud wife.
He's been in student government as well as a really challenging internship and has maintained an awesome GPA in the midst of it all.
Everyone in his program love him and at every event we've been to all of the administration just gush to me about how wonderful he is.
I just nod because I already know.

Graduation itself was a little chaotic, but Minnie was an angel if you can believe that (thank you books, treats and technology).
Every now and then she'd randomly yell down the bleachers "Hi Daddy!" and wave like crazy.
It was pretty sweet. 
A lot of Robert's family was able to attend and we enjoyed ourselves a gut load of root beer floats following the ceremony.

And now...we are on to bigger and better things.
We don't know what yet, but I'm sure they are going to be bigger and better.


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY! This is SO SO awesome! Congrats to YOU too for making it through Minnie's first year with your husband being in school too. That is an accomplishment too! :) Yes, bigger and better for sure. SO glad you're staying here!