Monday, May 6, 2013

yours mine and ours nike style {and Little Mimmie giveaway winner}

The only thing Robert wanted for graduation was a new pair of basketball shoes.
He's not a man that loves to shop, but when it comes to basketball shoes he could shop for days.
And last week, the Nike store did not dissapoint.
Not only did Bob get himself a new pair of Jordans, but I got myself a new running sweatshirt (for when I can finally run again), and Robert decided it was time to buy Minnie a little basketball (which she loves).

I've decided that when it comes to the shopping department, Robert is going to be just like my dad was with me.
He could care less about clothes, but when it comes to anything related to athletics he's going to get them the best of the best.
Our girls better be athletic because Collard men generally don't have boys.
I can't wait for Minnie to start soccer and swimming and tennis...and whatever else she wants.
I'm going to be that mom at every game, cheering super loud at the sidelines and probably totally embarrassing her.
Lucky for me, Robert will be right by my side.

P.S. And to see if you're the winner of the Little Mimmie giveaway is Kelsey Howell!! Congratulations Kelsey!

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