Tuesday, July 30, 2013

11 days

Little Louisa (or as Minnie calls her, "Baby Weesa") is now 11, almost 12 days old.
It's funny how quickly life changes and then how all of a sudden that change just feels totally natural.
I was so nervous about what being a mom of two would entail, but in these past 11 days I've been surprised how comfortable it feels.
Yes, it's a little chaotic, especially with a nearly 2-year-old stomping through the house, but it is really wonderful too.
The nice thing is that newborns sleep for the majority of the day, so other than nursing and changing her, taking care of Louisa is kind of a cinch when we're at home.
It's also nice to kind of know what to expect for round 2.
Becoming a mom for the first time was altogether overwhelming and a huge life change.
With Louisa I kind of knew what was coming which I think made the adjustment a lot easier.

It feels as though my body took a bit more time to recover this time around than it did when I had Minnie.
That's likely because I've had to lift and chase a toddler at the same time that I'm taking care of a newborn.
Now that it's been nearly two weeks I'm actually feeling more like myself again and the whole task of juggling two is seeming less daunting.
I haven't ventured out to the grocery store yet, which I'm kind of dreading, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there...which will likely be Thursday because the cupboards are starting to get bare.
We did, however, go to the post office this morning just the three of us and I only kind of "lost" Minnie once when she ran off to check out the greeting cards and then started pulling out two at a time.
Kill me. I'm telling you, those hands start going double time when she sees me coming and then we have a whole heap of cards to clean up.
All in all, however, it was a successful outing and gives me courage to try it again at the doctors office in a an hour *wish me luck*.

Louisa is really a sweet little thing.
She has been quite a good sleeper and eater and is really good natured, even with all of Minnie's poking and rough kisses.
To me she looks a lot like Minnie did when she was first born and I'm excited to see whether they look similar as she gets older.
She has a little birth mark (or as the nurse called it, a "stork bite") on her forehead, but it's already started to fade.
She also has a relatively juicy bottom lip, just like Minnie (and her mama).

I'm so grateful everything has gone as smoothly as it has.
Nursing has not been the easiest task for me, which was the same with Minnie, but we're making it work and figuring it out a step at a time.
Nightly feedings are not my favorite either, but the girl generally gives me at least 3 to 4 hours between each one which keeps me sane.
But truly, I just feel blessed.
These two little munchkins mean everything to me and I'm so grateful I get to spend my life with them.
I also think having another baby has also brought me and Robert closer.
That man is such a good dad and does so much to lighten my load.
There's no way I could do this without him.
My hat is off to every single mother out there.
Motherhood is surely not for sissies.


  1. Oh my GOSH Laura! She is SO SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!

    1. Thanks Savannah! Newborns are killer...sweetest things in the world. She needs to meet Radcilff soon!


  3. Thanks for your honesty (arghhh, breastfeeding). I'm eight weeks away from number 2 myself and feeling a little nervous. But the rewards are always worth every 3 a.m. feeding...

  4. Baby Weesa! I love it. I'm glad you are adjusting well. Let me know if I can help you out at all!

  5. She is a doll! If you want to send Minnie over to play today while you grocery shop, Kenzie would love to play with her. And I know all about nursing being hard, you guys need to come over so we can chat about babies and I can get baby hungry all over again ;)

    1. You are so great, Andrea! We are so happy you guys moved in. Minnie will randomly talk about Kenzi (sp?) and her bike all the time. I love that she loves her. Let's get together this week or next if you're free!

  6. I love the pouty lip in the last photo. Such a little snuggle bug. Enjoy those snuggles cause they turn into squirmers like Eldon much too quickly. Love you. I am glad I could meet her!

    1. This is actually charlotte not matt in case you couldn't guess.