Monday, September 16, 2013

a getaway


We headed up to Bear Lake last weekend for our 4th annual friend trip with these folks.
Babies keep coming but somehow we keep keepin' this thing up...and I love it.
Two babies were snoozing while this picture was taken and there's a little boy brewin' in Christine's belly.
Next year there will be FIVE kids...maybe six if something really crazy happens.
The sixth won't be ours. We're not that crazy.

Robert has this new obsession with tennis these days, and tennis was literally one of his biggest motivating factors for coming on this trip.
When we came out of Logan Canyon and started to descend into Bear Lake (2 hours from home) he looked at me with the saddest expression I have ever seen in my entire life and said, "I forgot the tennis rackets."
You would have thought his dog had died or something.
For him, the trip was over.
Lucky for us, Mr. Lance Gummersall saved the day by packing five tennis rackets.
Enough for doubles and one to spare in case someone lost their head and a racket went flying.
Robert was a happy man.

The next hurdle was keeping those big clouds at bay, and lucky for us, they did for almost all of Saturday.
We packed in some tennis, sunbathing, swimming and the boys got in a round of golf.
Minnie also gagged on a huge bite of bread and threw up her lunch while they were gone, which was a real highlight.
I tell you, the girl throws up on almost every trip. Something about traveling.
Other than that the girls slept great, we ate ridiculous amounts of wonderfully terrible food (naturally), painted nails, watched a sad (and much too lengthy) football game, played a round of the newlywed game (which Robert and I rocked at) and stayed snug inside while the rain fell in the evening.

We are really lucky to have friends that let us use their cabins and also friends that we like spending so much time with.
Liam and Minnie have really become great buds this trip and did lots of racing and laughing and tickling.
I'm so excited for all of our kids to grow up together and be pals.

Three cheers for a lovely getaway!
I'm already looking forward to next year.


  1. I stumbled onto your blog a while ago after my dad told me that he was the new high councilman for your ward. He says that he absolutely loves working with your husband and that your new baby is adorable. Its fun to see your blog and see some old familiar faces on your posts. Hope all is well with you guys. Keep posting!

    1. Hey Anne! I actually talked to your dad about you guys just a week or two ago and he told me how great you guys are doing and that you have FOUR cute kids! What champs! I hope you guys are doing well too. Are you in SLC?