Monday, December 8, 2014

a video: our charlie brown christmas tree

I'm not sure I have ever looked forward to Christmas more in my life.
I had no idea being a parent at Christmas is almost as magical as being a kid.
Minnie is excited about it all and it feels like she hardly remembers anything from last year so we get to relive it all over again (and I love it).
I have loved reading her books about baby Jesus (I cry every single time) and talking about how everything we do around Christmas is to remind us of Him.
The whole Santa thing is pretty sweet too.
She doesn't know enough to really ask for much (perfect) but the thought of him gets her so excited.
Min has been talking about getting a Christmas tree for about a month now and on Saturday we finally did.
It took two trips to the store for lights because the brand new ones we bought didn't work, but by 10:30 at night our tree was finally up and glowing in all its glory.
The girls are obsessed with it.
And the way Louie talks to her reflection in the round ornaments kills me.
"Ball! Ball! Ball!" is all I hear from that little lovey as soon as her eyes hit the tree.
Decorating the tree with those two in their jammies just felt like the perfect way to usher in the holiday and although it was messy and we had a few ornament casualties it will be a night I will remember for a long time.


  1. I'm having a slight obsession with your videos <3<3<3

  2. Ummmm CUTEST video EVER!!!!

  3. Viva Peru. Love this. Definitely captures the magic of it all.

  4. So cute!! I'm sure its especially fun decorating for Christmas in your own home. Benson said, "I love Minnie!" over and over while we watched this video.

  5. so sweet laura! what a precious family and video. you are so talented!

  6. Okay, seriously you are so amazingly talented! I love this so much and I just want you to come hang out with us all day and take pictures and make videos. Love your cute little family!