Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In case you didn't know, I make fat babies.
And guess what else? This deliciously squishy and kissable baby of ours is now three months old.
Her sister was so excited about it, she wanted in on the pictures too.
And honestly, the pictures I have of the two of them interacting are some of my very favorite, so Minnie will probably make an appearance in all of Lou's monthly pictures.

There are so many things about Lou bug at this stage I don't want to forget.
She's just started cooing and gurgling in response to us and it's about the sweetest thing of all time.
Those fat cheeks get even fatter as her smile squeezes them together and her little eyes turn to slits.
I just love how much she's interacting now.
Getting her to smile doesn't take a bit of effort.
She is a really happy baby and rarely cries, which is much like how Minnie was as a babe.
Yes, we are counting our blessings.
She's also an incredible sleeper, just like Minnie was.
Once again, counting our sweet, sweet blessings.
And, as you can tell, she is a very good eater, just like her chubby sister was.

I don't think I've ever taken a picture of it, but Lou has a big birthmark on the back of her head and part of her neck.
Of all the places to have a birthmark, I think we've struck gold.
The fact that she's bald as a bowling ball right now makes it quite obvious, but once she gets hair it will be covered up nicely.
But you know what? I kind of love it and I think I'll be a little sad to have it disappear.
It's just her, and I love this little love and all her funny little quirks.
Minnie had a similar mark on the lower part of her head, near the nape of her neck, and now it's covered up by all those blonde, curly locks.
I catch a glimpse of it every once in a while as I pull her hair up into pigtails, and it reminds me of my little baby Minnie, which I love.

How have three months come and gone so quickly?
I can hardly even remember Louisa as a newborn, or being pregnant for that matter.
The other night as I was nursing Lou, just as the sun was about to come up, I stared out the window thinking about the hours I spent, not so long ago, in that very same chair, staring out that very same window feeding my little Minnie.
How have two years already passed since then?
Time is such a fickle little thing.
We ache for it to pass sometimes, but then long for more of it a few minutes later.
I'm the biggest culprit of this.
I'm always dreaming of the future, thinking about the "when" and not entirely enjoying the "now".
Somehow nursing kind of slows me down a bit and gives me a minute to reflect on my life and think about all the good around this very moment.
There's nothing like holding a sweet little babe in my arms to help me see the good.
And yes, life is crazy and hard and tiring and dirty.
Yes, it is very much all of those things.
But boy, life is really, really good too.


  1. my baby has a birth mark at the bottom of her neck too- it looks just like hers! haha. your daughters are so sweet :)

  2. your kids are amazingly cute.

    also, it's so funny to see normal 3-month-olds! norah is about the same age as luisa and way smaller. and i thought she was getting chubby. oh preemies, they can be so tricky. :)