Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So here we are, living in this little house with a yellow door. 
The cable company couldn't come hook up our internet for two weeks, hence the lack of blog posts lately. 
I have missed blogging and so fifteen minutes ago I downloaded blogger on my iphone and am typing out this post with my thumbs.
We'll see how this goes...
Don't fail me now thumbs!

I can't really express how much I love this new little place of ours. 
Creating a space with Robert has been so much fun and seeing our vision (mostly my vision😁) come together bit by bit has been a little addicting. 
I keep finding myself wandering to Target or Etsy to look for textiles or artwork or anything to complete our space. 
We have spent waaaaaay too much money the last month filling our rooms with furniture and decor but it is still so far from complete.
I'm afraid I'll never feel like it's complete, and I guess that's the fun part about a can just keep changing things or adding to them as you like. 
Yet the transformation to this point has already made it feel so much more like our own.
We painted the entire main floor, including the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and recarpeted the bedrooms. 
It feels like an entirely different space than when we walked through it for the first time in November. 

It took four coats of paint to get that old maroon front door yellow but it was well worth the hours I spent painting it. 
I love it and I feel like that yellow front door is indicative of how I want the rest of our house to feel...BRIGHT!
I want people to come in and feel comfortable and at home. 
I want it to be filled with laughter and lots of bear hugs, juicy baby kisses, good food, clean laundry, swept floors, fresh flowers, singing, dancing, princess dresses, tutus, friends who stay for hours, movie nights, backyard barbeques, late afternoon family naps and more babies (in time 😉).

It's incredible how comfortable we feel here already.
Min has slept like a champ since we got here and even had her first round of some stomach bug to break in her new and improved big girl bed!

I love dinners at night on our little dining table with Lou in her high chair and Bob trading off taking bites off his plate and then spooning baby food into Lou's anxious mouth. 
Min sits between us and we are usually negotiating between eating and time out but somehow it's still an enjoyable experience for me. 
I love the big open window in the kitchen facing the backyard and the bit of a mountain view that we get from that window make meal prep much more enjoyable. 
I can watch Minnie play in the backyard as I make dinner (and yell at her out the window when she's chucking rocks from the firepit...which I'm sure the neighbors love).
Evenings on the couches watching movies or reading books just feel so cozy. 
This place has really become home to us and I love it. 
I can't wait to show a few before and after pictures of some of the changes we made. 
Like I said, still so far to go but we've come so far too!

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