Thursday, February 20, 2014

let me paint you a picture of our february

We have been in our pajamas 75% of the time this month.
Minnie is wearing her princess dress she got for Christmas 99% of the time she's awake and now it is ripping at nearly every seam.
Minnie asks for "her song" ("Let it go" from the movie Frozen) at least 4,967 times a day so she can dance and sing, in her princess dress of course.
Julia and I took Minnie to that movie a few weeks ago for a little girls night out.
I never imagined it would become her life.

There are so many holidays all right in a row for Bob and me (Christmas, both our birthdays and then Valentines) and I feel like it's hard to do something special for all of those.
So, Valentines was a little lack luster, which was just fine.
Minnie and I made heart pancakes after Robert left for work (sorry dear).
She had to help me make them in her princess dress.
I loved it.
Minnie helped me make Valentines for lots of our loved ones and it was fun having her help me pass those out.
That night Robert and I went to dinner for an hour while his mom watched the girls and then we came home at 9:30 or so, put the girls down and I fell fast asleep while Robert worked on an email for work.
We're so romantic.
We had a big painting day at our new house ahead of us so I guess it was good we got to bed early.

The previous owners of our new house moved out two weeks ahead of schedule so we've been able to get a move on painting and a few renovations so we can move in at the first of March.
I feel like I have paint coming out of my ears.
I have a vision with this house (thank you Pinterest) but I'm getting lots of flack from all our painter helpers.
I guess I'll take it because they're putting in lots of time helping us which I appreciate more than they know.
I keep telling them they're going to love it.
I hope they do.
I hope I do too!
We pick up our new couches (wahoo!) and our antique (but new to us!) piano on Saturday morning so we've really got to hunker down and get the front room finished.
I can't wait to see how everything comes together.


  1. hey hey hey now.
    there was no "flack" from this family!!!

  2. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR NEW HOUSE! also, i love when you post! i want to hear min sing let it go! haha i can totally picture it + it's making me smile right this minute. miss you guys!