Wednesday, October 20, 2010

lately we love stepping out of the box

two weekends ago robert and i went down to st. george with his best buds from high school and their wives. it's amazing to me that after all these years the four of them are still so close. jessie, conor's wife, has grandparents with a lovely condo that they let us stay in for the few days we were there. st. george is not generally my vacation destination of choice, but this weekend was very enjoyable and a much needed diversion from real life...we didn't have to do saturday chores! (and they still have not been done 1 1/2 weeks later. the house still looks fairly clean, all things considered). anyhow, the weekend was full of tennis, good food, cards, ESPN, swimming and debbie, russell's wife, getting injured. not only did a poolside folding chair collapse right from under her but a sharp, arrowhead-like rock found it's way into the flesh of her foot in the hot tub. we are grateful she made it back to salt lake city alive.

shouldn't sister missionaries know that we want to see the top of the temple in our pictures? she's from quebec...maybe they don't do that there.

da boyzz...with their long lost b-ball buddy, troy, who lives in st. george

on another note, one of my good friends and my most recent roommate, haylee comet summerhays, got married! she and jay (her husband) had been dating on and off for two years. during the time we were living together they were off, but still dating occasionally. many evenings were spent in our little tv room in sugarhouse watching movies with our "non-boyfriend boyfriends," jay and robert. the thing was, jay and haylee were cuddling, robert and i were not. actually, i usually had a blanket all to myself and made sure there was at least an inch between us. as you know, my stubborn little heart finally opened enough to move past the "friends only" complex, and about two months later we were hitched. haylee told me that we became she and jay's "idol couple" and she opened her heart enough to stop being so hot and cold and just decided she could be hot all the time...which sounds weird, but you get it, right? anyhow, they were a little speedier than us and in three weeks time are now off to costa rica on their honeymoon. love those two!

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