Monday, October 4, 2010


as promised, here are some photos of the lovely party for shelly and veronica a few weeks ago.

highlights include:
*getting an oreo from your forehead into your mouth using only your face muscles (try it!)
*grabbing a brown bag off the ground with your mouth standing on one foot with hands behind the back (thanks to abi and ammon for heading to arby's before the party to get the bag...they didn't know there were going to be corndogs)
*the fan blowing out all 25 candles on the beautiful cake shelly's sister, kalleen, made (she also made our wedding cake...she's a genius cake maker)
*party hats
*arne's laugh (and the video we made of his successful forehead to mouth oreo feat)
*toasts at the end of the night for the birthday girls
*a birthday group bear hug

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