Tuesday, January 25, 2011

believe it folks

i wanted kiwis and got mormons. all i wanted to know was why the green little fruit is so good for me. who knew the reasoning behind mormon chick's appearance is such a hot topic? here is the official yahoo question and a couple of the answers:

Why are mormon girls so hot?
I just moved to arizona and there is all these really hot girls I keep meeting and my cousins say they are mormon and they wont have any interest in me. But wow, there all so hot, what do you do in that church to crank out the hotties, and good gosh (laura's edit), the moms are bad either and their all so obedient, whats going on, and is there really magic undies?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker
Anyone who wears as much clothing as a Mormon girl in Arizona is going to be hot! ;-)

Seriously, though; I knew this LDS girl in High School who was the most popular girl in school. I tried to look at her objectively and discovered that if you took away the love and the light that seemed to emanate from her, that she was was only average in looks. Her spirituallity and her personality made her into the most beautiful of women.

Asker's Comment:
I guess your right, lol she does just seem to glow and i heard a rumor she likes my lifted duramax, maybe ill invite her to lunch, i hope i don't get converted

Other answers:

They only let the good looking ones out, to help convert us heathens. I suspect if you get drawn into the church you'll see the ones that arent soo asthetically pleasing.


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