Thursday, January 27, 2011

celebrating like adults with mango pudding

we went to the himalayan kitchen for my birthday, just like we did last year. EXCEPT...last year we were just friends. now we are having a baby (i guess that is our official blog announcement that we're having a baby...but everyone pretty much knew already). in just 365 days my life has changed about 100%. this year our waiter also gave me mango pudding for dessert after robert plugged the fact that it was my birthday ever so slyly into the conversation. i didn't even want mango pudding because chicken coconut korma was practically oozing out my ears, but i had to have some sort of dessert. it was my birthday after all. i'd already spent the rest of the day at work and a good portion of the night trying to get the lamah kids to the stake scuba diving mutual what if i explode? it would be one of the only kid-like things i will do on my birthday: eat myself silly. this is one thing that has not changed since i was 8. in fact, i think i've eaten myself into delirium almost every day of my life at some point. robert and i did manage to fit in one more kid thing on my birthday. we watched harry potter in bed. i, of course, fell asleep nearly as soon as it began. robert stayed up for 3 hours by himself to finish it. no big surprise there.

our celebration for robert's birthday was no more exciting...well, maybe slightly. i had tried to convince his friends to go to chuck-a-rama (robert's favorite) for dinner but they weren't having it. we settled on the rio grande cafe (his second favorite). only 2 of his 3 best buds and their wives came but julia was in attendance as well so it was a lovely evening. after stuffing ourselves silly (what's new?) we went to russell and debbie's and watched "the A team". kill me. the boys liked it. i fell asleep almost as soon as the explosions began (again, what's new?). the highlight for me were the sour watermelon gummies julia bought on her way over.

our trip a week ago was pretty much our birthday present for this year but it felt weird to not really celebrate on the actual day. birthdays have become so uneventful for me and it makes me feel like i'm becoming too much of a grown-up. i guess it's kind of my own fault, but 25 is not nearly as exciting as 8 or even 16. julia's birthday was half adult, half kid: 8-hour student teaching during the day vs. michael jordan party for her 23rd birthday at night. maybe i should take a lesson from her. next year will be different.

robert, however, is a champ and woke up early to make me breakfast on my birthday. actually, he woke up early twice. i went to the bathroom at 1:30 am and stirred him from his sleep as i was getting back into bed. he must have not realized i was awake and thought it was closer to 6 am. he then jumped out of bed and started bustling around in the kitchen. 2 minutes later he realized what time it was and was back in bed. i didn't say anything to him, but just laughed to myself. i didn't want him to know i knew the surprise. i just love that guy. he may or may not have also asked me where the waffle iron was the night before, making it slightly obvious what he had in mind for the following morning, but i love him for it. it was delish.


  1. sounds year ya'll can try to have a birthday month...i'm just sayin'. love you much

  2. i wonder if we ever feel like we want an adult birthday...i imagine i'm always going to feel like an 11 year old boy...that's fine by me. makes for a much more fun birthday.

    what a nice husband. we should see if coachman's pancake house is hiring. goodbye, mountain america!