Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bob's first time skiing and Minnie's first orange

Robert has been wanting to learn how to ski for awhile now so we decided it was finally time to get him up on the slopes. He's snowboarded quite a bit when he was younger but quickly realized how different skiing is. Elyse was nice enough to take us up to Alta last Friday to help teach Robert and to get me back in the swing of things, since I haven't skied for about 4 years. Alta used to have what they called "ski free after 3" where they would have one lift open for free until close every day. Unfortunately, they ended that tradition 10 days before we got up there, which we were unaware of, so we ended up just chugging up the bunny hill on the tow rope a million times. It wasn't the dreamiest day of skiing but we still had a good time and Bob held his own up there on the bunny hill. He said he felt like a big 5-year-old. There were quite a few little tykes with there dads up there learning to ski as well as a 30-year-old who looked like he was on a date and got clotheslined by the rope tow. There was also a 7-year-old who lost his balance going up the rope tow but held on for dear life and was dragged up the entire hill on his stomach, even though his dad was behind him yelling to him to let go. He was NOT going to let that rope tow get the best of him. I could hardly contain my laughter watching him come up the hill. Bob definitely held his own. 

Here's a little sample of Robert's progress.

And now for a HILARIOUS video of Minnie. I promise, she kept reaching for the orange. I wasn't force-feeding her, although it kind of looks like I am. I love watching her experience new tastes and textures. She makes the best faces and sometimes has a pretty intense gag reflex, which you will notice in this video.

For some reason I can't imbed it in this post, so CLICK HERE to watch it.

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  1. Bob looks fantastic out there!!! I can't even remember the last time I skied. Snowboarded with Matt once... remember that? I am honestly surprised Minnie didn't hurl all over your table. Poor girl!!