Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a half birthday

How can it be that the little girl who just barely came into my life is now six months old? To be honest, I feel like she's been a part of my life forever, but then again, I remember like it was just yesterday how her little body barely fit in her car seat. Now her feet dangle off the edge. Just take a look at this little chunk.


I love her sweet little expressions. Her eyebrows (or lack thereof) are always so expressive. Look at that sweet face. Oh, and those juicy lips! I love them.


Minnie is only just now starting to stand tummy time. I think it's mostly due to the fact that she can hold herself up a bit and has finally figured out (we hope) how to fully roll over.


Yesterday Minnie had her 6-month check up. I love her pediatrician, and I think it's mostly due to the fact that he makes me feel like my baby is the cutest, most superior child in the world, which naturally I agree with. Yesterday he took Minnie and had her stand up for him. Minnie can now stand on her own while holding something and will balance for a second or two standing on her own. He told us that he had never, in the history of his profession, seen a baby this young be so strong and well balanced. It's obviously due to her awesome parents...obviously. No, Minnie has been strong from day one. Her doctor predicts that she'll be walking pretty early. We shall see...

Minnie and I enjoy our walks and are lucky enough to have a park just a block away. After walking up to the U of U to meet Robert and walk home together, we stopped by the park to see how Minnie would like the swing. The girl loved it! She squealed nearly the entire time. It was pretty sweet.

Here's a little clip of her squealing and kicking her legs. You have to listen a little closely.

And now for the six month stats:

Weight: 18.25 lbs - 88th percentile
Height: 28 inches - 99th percentile
Head Circumference: 18.3 inches - 100th percentile (she's a Mecham alright!)

I feel it is a privilege to be able to stay home with Minnie and watch her grow and change and learn. Initially I was surprised how difficult the transition from holding a full-time job to staying at home with my baby was for me. My heart had always longed to be a mom and leading up to the day I had Minnie I couldn't wait to experience what being a stay-at-home mom was all about. I felt selfish because it was hard for me. Being able to have Minnie was a gift from my Father in heaven, and yet somehow I didn't feel fulfilled in the role I'd wanted to fill my entire life. Now, six months later, I think I'm finally figuring it out. I think I'm finally appreciating this whole "mom" thing. In my full-time job my progress was generally quite measurable and it was fairly easy to see my accomplishments in a day. I think over the last six months I have discovered that the trick with being a stay-at-home mom is recognizing that progress and success are measured differently in this role. Results are seldom measurable or visible, but it is the love I have in my heart for Minnie that continues to grow and expand that helps me recognize what I am doing is important. In fact, I believe it's the most important thing I've ever done. Ever. I am so happy.

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