Wednesday, March 27, 2013

when a babe is born

Yesterday my friend Marissa and I headed out on an adventure with our babes down to Provo for an Easter egg hunt, crafts and free food at The Awful Waffle.
About every 15 or 20 minutes during our drive I'd look over at her and she'd be leaning way back in her seat, hands clenched on the steering wheel.
Her second little was due April 2nd and she was obviously having contractions.
They weren't getting any closer together, thank heavens, because I wasn't prepared to pull over and deliver a baby on the freeway, but they were coming and that belly of hers was as stiff as a rock.

The little Easter event was so much fun and our littles loved themselves hunting eggs and eating waffles.
To top it off, I even won a raffle and got a sweet dress for Minnie, some bows and lots of sweet Easter goods! 
On our way home Marissa and I joked about the baby coming that night. 
First off, it was supposed to be a full moon and Marissa had just been told by a friend how she was sure babies like to make their way out on full moons.
Secondly, her little boy, Gray, was born July 27th and the next day would be the 27th of March. Matching days would sure be convenient.

Marissa seemed cool as a cucumber and confident that the babe would stay put a few more days when she dropped us off.
Welp...last night around midnight I got a text from her sister telling me that Marissa had just gone to the hospital and was already dilated to a 7!
Two hours later, Marrissa's sweet little baby girl was born.
It seemed so surreal to me that just 12 hours earlier I'd felt the little bundle tight in her belly and we were hunting Easter eggs without a second thought.

This morning I went to meet the little love (yet to be named) at the hospital, and I was immediately overwhelmed by the reality of the whole situation.
As I held the little thing in my arms my heart was so full of love as I thought about our own little one inside me, waiting to come meet us.
July feels so far away, but I am sure we will be blown over by how quickly it comes.


  1. Hi! We were sitting right behind you at the easter party (all the noisy little girls). how funny! I just started following your blog a couple of weeks ago :)

    1. How funny! I just looked at your blog and I totally recognize you from Tuesday. We should have introduced ourselves. Wasn't that place delicious??

    2. Yes! I love the awful waffle! I totally regret not talking to more people - Maybe they'll have another event soon! Love your blog, by the way!

  2. Aww, how sweet! It's crazy how that happens, isn't it? My son came at 36 weeks unexpectedly -- I was having a blast eating pizza and laughing with my family and husband and, bam, my water broke and I was holding him that night. It's so crazy to think about!

    Congratulations to your friend!

    1. So crazy, right? It's so much fun and scary all wrapped into one.