Tuesday, May 8, 2012

just like the old days

Bob finished with school last week and so Minnie and I have pretty much had him to ourselves ever since. Dream! We've spent most our time making plans and getting things ready to leave, but we had to have some fun too. Bob used to be a MAJOR "fruit booter" (as he would call it) in junior high. Fruit booter is apparently a derogatory term for a roller blader. The only place that it is now semi-socially acceptable to roller blade is Liberty Park. So, that's exactly where we went. Robert has been dying to get me out there on the pavement and always tries to find cheap roller blades for me at Target or thrift stores. Luckily, my friend Marissa found me a pair for $2 a few weeks ago at a rummage sale. What a steal! It was so funny going out with Robert and watching him skate around and jump over things. It was like he was 12-years-old again. Just watch the video and you'll see. (He's probably going to kill me for posting it)

Me and Min enjoying ourselves...


  1. Too much. No worse than the second video down on this post: http://adsero.blogspot.ca/2010/01/hood.html

  2. Ben and I use to rollerblade all the time in Alabama pushing pierce a long. Makes me want to get back out there again:) so fun!!!!