Thursday, May 3, 2012

refashioning 101

I have been a thrift shopper since high school. I'm not sure what it is about finding a diamond in the rough, but I think I am legitimately addicted. Sometimes I purchase items even when they're not entirely wearable yet because a) they are CHEAP! and b) I have visions of what these pieces can ultimately become. Unfortunately this can also be a curse because I now have 8-10 (or more) items in my closet that I have maybe worn once, if at all, because I haven't gotten around to refashioning them.

Here are a few of these beauties:

Pretty bad, huh?

I recently came across this blog and was 100% inspired. This girl is a dream! She is a much better seamstress than I am, but I figure I'll just start trying and hopefully I'll come out with a few things I like. If not, most of them were $0.99 anyway so I'm not out too much dough if they don't work out. Recently I decided to rid my closet of all the odd items I'd purchased from thrift stores or got on clearance somewhere and hadn't worn for a long time. Then I'd decide whether or not I could feasibly refashion them. I decided to start with the three above, and although both my sewing and the final results were not perfect, I was mostly pleased.

Here's what I did for the pants:

1) compared them to some pants I already had that I like

2) pinned and cut. I then tried them on inside-out to make sure they fit properly.

3) sewed.

And voila!

Not the best, not the worst, but it's a start!

I did something pretty similar with the skirt. Again, not the best sewing techniques, but I'll get there. One day.

Compare, pin, cut and sew!

Much better...

It also helps to have a decent outfit put together and you're hair done.

And lastly, the granny dress. I love myself a good granny dress, but this one just wasn't cutting it for me. I also like being modest, but for some reason this dress was just a little bit too modest. High neck, long sleeves...too much. Cut off the sleeves and there you have it! Much better.

A big shout out is due to my inspirational photographer, Robert Dixon Collard. He really brought out the model in me that I never knew existed. You're the bomb, baby!


  1. good work miss mecham-collard. You are looking MIGHTY fine with those red lips and lucious hair, and those awesome outfit revamps!

  2. inspirational! maybe there are a few pieces in my closet we can work some magic on?

  3. Ok. When you get back, me+you= thrift store shopping and you helping me to re-fashion. I have many an idea, but I think I need a genius like you to help me pull them off! Lookin good. LOVE the red skirt.

  4. Laura you are just so gorgeous... It kills me! Oh and I love thrift shopping too. Love me a good bargain. :)

  5. Well done. That last picture is just too much!

  6. very impressive laura!!! they look great!!! you look great!!

  7. Wow! These are great refashions! That is such a great idea to compare the item to something that fits well- I am going to try it! I esp. love the dress- the difference is so dramatic!