Friday, August 10, 2012

a little one-year-old photo shoot

It's unbelievable to me, but my little Minnie turns one on Monday. I'd wanted to get some pictures taken of her for her birthday and decided I'd try and take some myself before getting them done professionally. My friend, Shana, was nice enough to let me borrow her camera. We took Minnie out to the park by Bob's work one night to see if we could get some good shots, but Minnie was not in the best mood, which you will see in some of these photos. I thought some of them were pretty hilarious. The next morning I gave it another shot at the elementary school down the street and ended up with a few more good ones. The girl does not stay put anywhere more than a second, so you will notice I got a lot of running/back shots. It's pretty indicative of how every day is with her...busy. How I love this little thing!



  1. Laura! Those are too good...we'd love to have one of each. We can't wait to see y'all!

  2. They turned out way cute!!! it seems like you just had her... cute lil one!!