Friday, August 31, 2012

a mini fiesta for our minnie girl

Since we were packing up our life in Pennsylvania over Minnie's actual birthday we decided to throw her a little party upon our return to SLC. We had a picnic in our front yard, a puppy pinata, some cake eating and lots of good friends we hadn't seen in awhile. Minnie was probably most excited about the balloons. Hitting the pinata actually scared all of the kids and they refused to hit it. We probably shouldn't have gotten such a cute dog pinata.

Nikki decapitated the dog on her first hit. Bravo! All of the kids screamed in terror. It was pretty funny.

The whole party crew!
It took Minnie ages to really dig into her cake. She was so dainty and ladylike. It was killing everyone. In about 15 minutes she had actually made a decent mess of herself, just as I'd hoped. The girl is not super fond of messy hands, so she used her diaper during her destruction of the cake as her napkin.

What a wonderful year it has been with sweet Minnie in our lives! She is so blessed to have so many people who love and care about her. Thanks to those who came and a big shout out is due to Nick and Megan, who single-handedly did ALL of the dishes (and there were a zillion) so Bob and I could hang and mingle with our friends. We love you!! And so does Min.

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  1. Love her covered in chocolate. Note: your video is set to "private" so I couldn't watch it.