Thursday, September 27, 2012

our newest addition

Our porch has been in need of major sprucing up ever since we came back from our summer in Pennsylvania.
The wreath I'd left out there since Christmas (yes, Christmas!) was falling apart.
No surprise there.
When you're taking care of your parents house while they're gone for three years somehow it's hard to remember that you CAN decorate a few things, the front porch being one of them.
So I decided to spend one morning (which turned into half a day) toiling over making this wreath.
All in all, I feel pretty good about it. The wreath, that is, not the taking up half my day part. 
When Robert returned home from school he lovingly approved of my efforts.
The other thing I like about this puppy is the fact that it will probably last at least 6 months out there on that front porch of ours.
The burlap is fall-ish, but it could even glide through winter without a problem depending on the color of ribbon used. 
I love myself a craft project that will last through more than one season.
Go ahead and check out the tutorial over here if you'd like to do some porch-sprucing-up yourself!

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