Monday, October 29, 2012

friends and reality checks

This weekend was spent doing things with those we love (and taking terribly pixelated pictures of them on my phone).
A perfect way to spend a weekend if you ask me.

My dear friend Shana, who made our summer in Pennsylvania a bizzillion times more fun, came into town with her family and blessed their new little Molly this weekend.
The only reason I was able to leave her house in August for the last time without crying was because I knew I'd be seeing her in October.
Molly's blessing yesterday was so beautiful. It is in moments like baby blessings that I feel life in its fullest.
Suddenly everything we were meant to do on this earth comes zooming into perspective and anything frivolous and unimportant seems to evaporate.
I live for those moments.
They bring clarity to my heart and wipe the dust from my eyes that seems to collect when I've been thinking about worldly things too long.

Shana and I became fast friends this summer.
Part of it may have been out of necessity...both of us were new to Hershey, PA and were aching for some buds...but more than that, I think we just had a natural connection and really enjoyed each other.
It was easy with Shana. She just felt like a sister. I could take Minnie to her house and sit and talk and do nothing and it was perfect.
When we arrived home from the blessing last night I told Robert how grateful I was that there are friends all along our path in life and that we don't just make our best friends as children.
In the last two or three years I have met a few women with whom I truly feel a deep and abiding connection.
They are my soul sisters and I believe we will be friends forever, even when miles separate us.
I cannot tell you how much I love to see my circle of friends expand. 
And isn't that what makes life so lovely? When we are surrounded by people that we love? That we feel connected to?
To me, that is life in its fullest.

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  1. Beautiful and touching post. I agree - friendships that begin in different years of our life are wonderful...I truly believe people are placed in our lives for a reason. it sounds like you have a lot of beautiful people in your life.
    Happy Monday xo