Friday, October 5, 2012

a lunch date with two of my favorites

These two chicks took me on a lunch date downtown yesterday.
How I love them both!
Veronica Barnson is one of my favorite human beings.
My husband tells me I have I girl crush on her. He is absolutely correct.
Look at her. T.O.T.A.L B.A.B.E!
She has been one of my closest friends since we were beensy little babies.
We were bossy little 4-year-olds together through preschool and saw each other all the way through those awkward and awesome years of high school.
Although we went to different universities somehow nearly every summer we'd come back to Salt Lake and find jobs together.
We didn't always plan it that way, it just seemed to work out and we loved it.

This girl holds the national title for the most blind dates...ever. Seriously, it’s something kind of ridiculous, like in the 100s, don’t you think Veronica??
She has been hit on by more men than you’d dream possible, but for some reason, nothing great ever panned out.
But guess what? She's getting married next somebody really great...I mean REALLY great.
When she told me she was engaged I almost started to cry. I didn't even cry when I got engaged.
(Robert uses this to further prove my major girl crush. His theory is that I cried because she was taken.)
I'm just SO happy. It's the best when someone you love so much finds someone that loves them as much as you do.
She deserves to be happy...really happy.

Thank you for the date, Veronica.
And thank you Robin's Nest for your Gobbler sandwich with just the perfect dollop of cranberry sauce.
And thank you to October for the loveliest outdoor dining weather.
And Minnie for behaving like a sane little child.
And thank you Josh, for making Veronica so happy.


  1. I have so many fun memories with both of you gorgeous girls!

    1. Isn't it so funny to think of us when we were younger? I remember loving to go to your house and all of the fun adventures your dad would take us on. We should have a reunion sometime!