Thursday, November 1, 2012

our wee trick-or-treater

I felt like I was reliving my childhood last night as we trick-or-treated for the first time as parents.
In some weird way it was totally magical and I found myself getting giddy as we walked from house to house, seeing herds of other costumed kidlets excitedly filling their bags in every direction.
It was like a scene straight out of Hocus Pocus minus the creepy witches and weird cat.
Minnie was a total champ and caught on like you wouldn't believe...almost too well in fact.
She thought putting the candy in her little pumpkin bag was the cat's pajamas and would sneak in two or three extra candies as we were talking to our neighbors on their doorstep.
She's got her papa's sweet tooth.

I loved that we were able to meet neighbors I hadn't had a chance to meet.
One even gave us a tour of his house, which was fun.
I also saw some great friends from long, long ago, the Paul's.
I used to babysit their girls, the oldest of whom is now in California working for a PR firm. What?! Has it been that long?
It was so fun to catch up.

After our adventures around the neighborhood we came home and hosted a little gathering with friends.
It was small and simple and the perfect way to top off Halloween.

Now take a look at Minnie walking in her skunk costume.
It is hilarious!
Does she or does she not look like a legitimate little creature from behind? I love it.


  1. i LOVE minnie!!!!! she was the cutest skunk ever

  2. Oh my, she looks cute! What a pretty little skunk. Someday she'll probably get you for dressing her as a skunk, but is sure is cute. Visiting you from the Friday hop. Have a splendid weekend, Laura.

  3. What a sweetheart! Everytime I see I skunk costume I think of Bambi :) Glad your family had a nice "first trick or treat". Have a lovely weekend!


  4. Oh my word, her swagger is so funny. Clip, clop, clip, clop... I love how, as usual, she has a total stone face. If only she knew how funny she was!

  5. Ah! That video kills me. He little toosh is just swinging away!
    Liam also got a kick out of it. We watched it 3 times while he said "Minnie".

  6. Cutest costume EVER!! These photos are precious! Glad you had a lovely Halloween!!

  7. Hey there new friend!! Thanks for stopping by Me+Life+Coffee and for following along! It has been great to visit you back - what a cutie at Halloween!! Hope you have had a great weekend. Sally xoxo