Tuesday, February 19, 2013

we took a hike in honor of president's day

To say we have cabin fever would be an understatement.
It was 45 degrees on Saturday and we didn't have to wear coats and I thought I was in heaven.
Bob had President's Day off and we were so hopeful we'd get some more high (if you can call them that) temps.
But alas, we were back to the 30s, but the sun was shining so we decided to go to the mountains.

We slipped our way up the entire trail and all the way back down, but it felt so good to be outside.
And honestly, to have Bob to ourselves on a Monday afternoon was probably the biggest highlight of all.
Minnie pointed out all the "puppies" we passed along the trail, mimicked the birds in the trees and chattered about who knows what for about 5 minutes straight as she bobbled along in the backpack.
We found a patch of dry grass to sit down and enjoy the view as we ate our granola bars and then quickly packed up when the wind started stinging our cheeks.

I'm a huge fan of three day weekends and am hopeful the job Robert finds lets him off for all of them.
(in my dreams...sigh)


  1. The first picture of Min and Bobby is the cutest!!! It's funny how "downtown" SLC doesn't seem like much of a downtown after seeing the Calgary skyline daily. Many wouldn't think Calgary is big. Funny... it's all to do with perspective.

  2. Is that Ensign Peak? The view looks familiar. :)
    We love doing that hike... in the summer. Haha
    Good for you guys for making it up when it's still so cold!

    Take a Walk in our Shoes

  3. What a sweet blog! now a follower :)