Thursday, March 21, 2013

a night out to celebrate

After Robert returned from Costa Rica and before Matt and Charlotte headed back to Calgary, we decided Megan's birthday deserved a night out on the town (or rather, up the canyon) to celebrate.
We were able to surprise her with dinner up Milcreek Canyon at Log Haven and we got a babysitter for three of the four littles so we could take our time.

To me, the night was perfect. The restaurant was quiet and cozy (it was Monday night after all), the food was absolutely incredible and it was just perfect being together as a family to celebrate someone we love so much.
We did, however, miss my parents. And ironically, Log Haven is where they held their wedding reception 34 years ago in August.
How could they ever have imagined they'd be living in Guam at this point in time while all of their kids were eating dinner where their life together began?
Pretty cool.

Happy birthday to Megan!
Dreamiest sister-in-law I could imagine.

(p.s. Sorry for the phone pix. I forgot my camera in our haste to make it on time for our reservation)

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