Monday, April 15, 2013

the weekend

Oh, weekends.
Always too short, don't you agree?
While {mostly} pleasant, this one also felt pretty busy.
Friday we spent the evening with family eating burgers and shakes and enjoying a little film festival in Provo.
The {mostly} pleasant part comes in when Minnie got sick Friday and threw up and had a fever for a good 24 hours. Total boo.
Luckily no one else got it and she was a new little cookie by Saturday...hooray!

A church luncheon on Saturday took up the majority of my morning and early afternoon.
Totally worth it because we got left overs and the loveliest flowers to adorn our table for a few days.
I also sewed my little heart out. Sewing, my friends, is not for the faint of heart.
Oh, how I wish I were better. I'm working on it.

Robert was at school working on a project most the day Saturday but a dinner with good friends that evening gave him an excuse for a break.
Have I mentioned I can't wait until he's done with school?? Only 3 more weeks...but who's counting?
Sunday was spent with family eating delicious food and then taking a chilly stroll.
Come on spring, let's get it in gear, shall we?
I really loved those 70 degree days you gave us a few weeks ago.
Slide in a few more of those if you please.

{and how about that monster belly Min is perched upon? how am I only six months pregnant? I feel like I'm 9}

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