Friday, May 10, 2013

day one in the sun

Yesterday was sort of idyllic for me.
Hours in the sun, lots of good food, a book in my hands, a nap and those I love by my side.
Besides the fact that I'm a total lobster (how did I not realize I was getting so toasted?) I am a happy lady.

To say Minnie is a huge fan of the beach would be an understatement.
She even got taken out by a wave and she still wasn't afraid of the water.
The girl could dig in the sand for days and be entirely satisfied.
She and Robert spent hours digging and burying each other.
Gosh, I love those two together.

After sandwiches, berries and soda on the beach, we came home worn out from the sun.
Min snoozed for hours while Robert and I lounged, napped, read...what have you.
In the evening we headed over to the local sunset market for some dinner.
We got carne asada tacos and churros and ate to our hearts content.
Minnie loved dancing to the live music and was enthralled with people watching and the "puppies" all over the place.

I count day one of vacation a success!
I'll just need to lather up with sunscreen from here on out and I think I'll be set.


  1. I am oh SOSOSO Jealous!!!! I have the next 5 days off with nothing excited planned and oh how I wish I was at the beach with you! Minnie's hair is soo long and curly I love it!

  2. What beautiful pictures. Looks like a blast even though your skin got fried.

  3. I am wishing I were at the beach... Mins hair looks awesome with some beach breeze! Love and miss y'all.

  4. your little girl is sooooo cute. I need one!