Monday, September 9, 2013

a baby shower for one of my bests

Nikki and I have been friends since babyhood.
She is one of the most beautiful people I know, and as you can see, one of the most stunning pregnant women of all time.
Her little boy is due October 10th.
They decided to name him George well before Kate Middleton used the name, so if anyone asks, Kate copied them.

The shower was really low key and a lot of fun.
Catherine was nice enough to let us have it at her house, but Shelly and I, who were co-hosts, didn't get there until 10 minutes before the party started and we were still frosting cupcakes and tidying up when guests arrived...I seriously struggle being on time for anything.
I will never learn.
We ate to our hearts content, donned finger mustache tattoos, and a lot of us ended up hanging around and chatting for three or more hours.
That's what happens when you get lots of good friends together who haven't seen each other in awhile (and dads are watching the kidlets).

I distinctly remember when I found out I was pregnant with Minnie, just two months after Robert and I were married, Nikki laughed and laughed and thought we were so crazy.
Well, little miss Nikki conceived Sir George just about a month or two after she and Josh were married.
What goes around comes around little lady!

But gosh, I felt so blessed to be able to conceive so quickly and I know Nikki does too.
Being a mom is such a gift.
Nikki is going to be an amazing mother.
It just comes so naturally to her.
George is a lucky boy and I can't wait to meet him.


  1. Such an adorable shower; I love it!

    And the name George is so cute. I'm glad it's coming back into "style". Looks like you guys had a fun time!

    Dani Rose

  2. My awkward "fashion blog" poses continue! Thank you for the wonderful baby shower. I love having such amazing friends. I can't wait for all our mommy dates!

  3. "Struggle being on time" is a kind understatement. Good thing you're such a great person!