Thursday, September 19, 2013

happiness is 16 tickets at the fair


It is a moment that reminds me how much I love being a mom.
That moment when the little love beside me can hardly contain herself and is letting out the heartiest belly laugh that tiny body could possibly muster.
She looks up at me, starry-eyed and beaming and together we hold on to the silver bar across our laps as we are heaved up and down, round and round, laughing our guts out together.

We only bought 16 tickets for rides at the fair this year, but oh, how I wish we would have bought a million.
Minnie loved our trip to Hershey Park last summer.
At only 11 months she was pleased as punch to hop on the big kid rides all by her lonesome, smiling at us as they circled around.
I thought perhaps a little fear had come into her with age, but I was quickly corrected as soon as we got on the first ride at the fair.
"Ride, ride, ride!" was all she could tell me after getting off.
It made me want to go to Disneyland with her so badly.
If she loved the fair this much, the girl was going to die and go to heaven at the theme park of dreams.
She has also recently picked up a mild obsession with Minnie Mouse.
I'm sure, however, if she saw her in costume at Disneyland she would run for the hills.
She's not scared of rides that make your stomach drop, but friendly, smiling life-sized mice are her worst enemy.

Being a parent is actually pretty magical sometimes.
Holidays are so much more special.
Parenthood is kind of like being transported back to my own childhood.
Watching Minnie experience things for the first time, that glimmer in her eyes, the mystery of it all, is so much fun.
Trick-or-treating with her last year was one of my favorite moments.
She got the hang of it fast and was so cute toddling down the street in her skunk costume, her little pumpkin bucket bouncing as she went.
I'm looking forward to it this year, probably even more than last, and Christmas, and birthdays, and Disneyland, and trips to the ocean...
Mamahood is good.

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  1. Her face is so cute and that skunk costume was so funny!