Wednesday, September 4, 2013

over the weekend and good friends

These folks here have been some of our greatest friends since we've been married.
The boys have been Bob's best buds since high school, and luckily they were all nice enough to marry cool girls so I wouldn't want to gouge my eyes out any time Bob suggested hanging out with them.
A little too descriptive? Perhaps. My apologies.
But really, it is quite the contrary.
Have you ever had friends that you just feel 100% comfortable with?
Almost like family?
Well these are some of ours.
And the best part is, we are all starting our little families right around the same time.
What's odd to me is that we spend almost one night each weekend with one or all of these couples and yet I rarely post any pictures of them.
I guess I'm just too comfortable that I forget to get my camera out or something.

Well, we spent a few days this weekend bumming around with these guys, enjoying some of our last warm summer nights and eating lots of delicious food.
Minnie and Liam were going to play in the splash pad at the development where Lance and Christine just bought a house, but they ended up just playing on the playground, Liam in his swimsuit and Min keeping it classy in her diaper.
Yep, we were those parents.
She's two, it's fine, right?

Every summer since we've been married we've all gone on a trip together.
The destinations have mostly been nearby, but they have been so much fun.
It's gotten a little trickier as more babies enter the picture, but that hasn't stopped us yet.
Last year we did two trips which was lovely.
One to St. George without kids which was quite nice (although I did have a bit of anxiety leaving Minnie for 3 days) and another with kids to Bear Lake which was not quite as relaxing but still very fun.
We are headed to Bear Lake this year coming up soon and I'm really looking forward to it.
Minnie LOVES all of these people.
I think she's actually going to have a panic attack when Lance and Christine have their baby in October and she realizes she's going to have to share them.
It's pretty sweet how much she loves them all and they are all so sweet with her, which makes this mama's heart so full.
I feel so blessed to have them in our lives and I'm so excited to see what adventures await us these next few years.


  1. We actually did three trips last year if you count the cabin! We had Tons of friend time last year!
    I'm so glad for our " second family" as Conor and I refer to all of you guys!

  2. Oh there will always be a special place in my heart for little min min. I love whenever she sees me its like someone just announced it's Christmas!! <3

  3. Precious pictures! Love the colors. So cool that you've got friends that you can share things like this with.

    Sincerely, Dani Rose