Friday, December 6, 2013

let's brighten your friday with a video, shall we?

Min is really starting to understand feelings and is currently into making facial expressions regarding feelings. When we're watching a movie she'll always turn to me when a character is crying and say, "He's sad."
Or when they're yelling, "She's angry."
Her interpretation of feelings in faces is about the funniest thing in town.
Just watch this. You'll see.
And gosh, she's cute.
Happy Friday!
{and sorry for the bad quality. I didn't have the patience to do an HD upload.}


  1. Oh my word... that sad face!!!! She's got major puppy dog eyes. Can't wait to see her in the flesh. I can't believe how verbal she is!! Maybe she can help Eldon out a little.

    1. Min is only like 2 months younger than Benny was when we went to Guam and remember how well he talked then? Benny was a baby genius.

  2. ANGRY FACE!!! oh my gosh they just kept getting better + better + better!