Wednesday, February 19, 2014

louie girl at 7 months


I blink and a year has gone by.
Ok, not that much time has passed, but baby Lou is now 7 months old and I haven't posted an update about her in months.
She will inevitably have second child syndrome.
Sorry girlfriend.

As you can see, she is thinning out nicely.
At her six month appointment she was in the 95th percentile or above for weight, height and head circumference.
At least she's proportional, right?

She's a good, good little baby and is pretty much only fussy if she is tired or hungry.
She isn't quite as good of a night sleeper as Min was, but she's pretty darn good and takes amazing naps during the day.
She has taken a serious liking to sucking on two fingers (much to her father's dismay).
Let's pray it doesn't become a habit that we're trying to break when she's 8-years-old because she's creating major buck teeth.
But for now, I kind of like that she can soothe herself to sleep with those suckers.
And guess who finally takes a binky?
It's funny how in just a few months baby's preferences can change so much.

It's also looking like we may have a bit of a strawberry blonde going on.
Lou has more hair now than Minnie had at 15 months.
It is just a little patch in the middle of her head right now and it is the softest, fluffiest stuff and generally sticks straight up.
She is not the most cuddly thing in the land because she generally would rather be reaching for something or rolling around on her own.
Her interests include, but are not limited to sweatshirt strings, grabbing faces, holding her feet, sucking on her socks, napping, blowing out of her diaper and making very loud screeching sounds.
She has a general dislike for solid foods (working on that), lying on her stomach, her sister roaring at her (you should see it, it scares me too), and bottles most of the time (she's a total nursing addict).

She and Minnie didn't look a thing alike for a long time, but looking at these pictures of them together above has made me realize how much more similar they're looking the older Lou gets.
I love it.
And just for fun, I posted some side-by-side shots of Min and Lou, both at 7 months to see how they matched up.
Lou is definitely chubbier (those cheeks!) and I feel like they hardly look alike at all.


  1. Finally, a post! She has such a sweet face, and I love how expressive she is. Babies change so fast!!!! Her eye's seem a little rounder than Min's. Sweetsie face!

  2. i love her. i love her. i love her.