Monday, April 21, 2014


Yesterday was such a beautiful day.
It was soooo busy but insanely beautiful.
I was on the brink of tears all morning thinking about the miracle that happened thousands of years ago that brings us so much joy and hope in this life.
I feel like the Atonement of Jesus Christ continues to mean more to me the older I get and the more my family grows.
Those folks up there? They are mine forever because of Him.
I'm a lucky, lucky lady.

We got our day started bright and early raiding our Easter baskets and having an Easter egg hunt in the backyard with wet hair and bare feet.
Min's sweet cousins up the road wanted her to come up and have a hunt with them too so we headed up there about an hour later.
Minnie made out with lots of jelly beans and $7.50 from the hunt.
She preferred the jelly beans and chocolate eggs.
No surprise there.

We had such a beautiful day at church.
Once again, this lady over here was a teary eyed mess a good part of those three hours.
So sue me!
After hustling home and making cookies and Lou faking a nap and Minnie sneaking sooo much chocolate and cookie dough and getting it all over her face, we headed to the Arringtons for an Easter feast.
Only 11 cookies were cooled and frosted by the time we had to leave so we were those people that brought enough treats for about half of the crowd.
Luckily the spread was insane and everyone was stuffed by the time dessert rolled around.
It was so much fun to spend the day with so many people that we love so much.
It's the only way to spend a holiday in my book.

And on a side note...are you loving Min's new "smile" (that looks like a serious sour face) and how about Lou's bright orange hair?
These pictures make it look especially red.
I love my little ginger!

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