Monday, May 12, 2014

real life

There are so many simple things about this time in our life that I swear I will never forget, and as hard as I'll try not to, I'm afraid I will.

Robert plays basketball Saturday mornings with a bunch of guys in the neighborhood at 7 am.
When he gets home he gets to work in the kitchen making us pancakes.
Pancakes are a big thing in this house.
Weekends = pancakes. No question.
And sometimes if Louie is fussy Bob will strap on the Baby Bjorn and tote Louie around while he cooks or cleans.
What a babe.
And as you can see, she loves it.

Minnie really, really loves puzzles.
She's also crazy good at them.
She also likes to run around in her underwear and do a "nakey dance" that makes me laugh from the very bottom of my belly.

Min is also obsessed with dresses and comes out of her room almost every morning wearing one she's plucked out of the dirty laundry.
She will change her clothes 10 times a day if I let her.
Her tutu was a big hit for about two weeks and was on 99% of the time, and if it wasn't it was probably smack dab in the middle of the living room.
I kind of hate the toys and dress ups strewn about sometimes, but I already know that 15 years down the road I'll be aching for them.

Our coat hanger is FULL of coats and our shoe basket is waaaaay to stuffed with shoes.
Will this spring weather just make up its mind and just be warm already?
I can't wait until it's strictly sandal weather (or better yet, bare feet weather) and coats are totally obsolete.

Louie girl has been a teething mess the last couple weeks.
One of her two top chompers finally popped through and gave all of us a little relief, but that second one isn't too far behind.
Baths have kind of been a cure-all for long, whiney teething days.
And honestly, seeing these two little nakey loves in the tub just makes me happy.
It's a mom thing, I think


  1. Your photos are so lovely, look very professional! Such beautiful babies, I hope I'm still blogging when I have children so they have things like this to look back on :) xx
    Beyond Bally.

    1. Thanks so much Frances! Blogging with babies rarely happens but I'm so grateful when it does because it's so much fun to look back on. Hope you are having a lovely week! xoxo

  2. I have been waiting for a post! I can't blame you. You know I K ow that real life gets in the way of blogging but that is probably how it should be. Can't wait to see you live and can't say that I am not happy that you cancelled nyc.