Friday, June 6, 2014

weekly rewind

Best: A dinner date downtown at Eva's (get the bruschetta and thank me later) - Sweet baby Hudson's blessing - The sun staying out forever - Robert squeezing into his Scouts shirt from when he was 11 for young men's (Moonrise Kingdom anyone?) - Saturday morning pancakes - Walking hand-in-hand with Bob downtown - Afternoons spent on a blanket in the backyard under our big shade trees - An afternoon with Nikki and sweet baby George - A visit from Marissa and co. spent eating grilled cheese, strawberries and limeade - Louie and Min's giggles when they swing - chocolate milk mustaches - Bob's Monday night basketball games where I spend half the time getting waaaaaay too into the game and the other half chatting with the wives, most of whom happen to be some of my best friends - Louie attempting to stand and kind of attempting to walk - A pile of winter vegetables for dinner - Splash pad with the Larson's - Discovering free kids quesadillas at Cafe Rio - Tuesday evening runs to Swig with my girls - a crafternoon with some of my best friends before Sara left for the summer - Fresh peonies from Abi's yard - a shopping and frozen yogurt date with Minnie -Tia and Spencer's wedding -Chunga's (it always makes me sweat but I love that place)

Worst: Losing dean and all of those mourning his loss, especially Doyle, Megan, Nick and Dean's girls - Sara moving to Jackson for the summer - Min's nightmares (I woke up to her screaming "I don't want the dinosaur to eat me!!!" three times the other night) - only seeing Bob for like 2 1/2 hours every day - dead spots in the grass - failed craft projects - moths somehow sneaking into the house and being forced to kill one in the shower with a shampoo bottle - Bob falling asleep waaaaay before me - tidying up the house five times a day - Minnie dropping Lou on her face

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