Thursday, June 5, 2014

minnie talk

Minnie is at the most hilarious age. She is getting so dang smart and is spouting out new words and phrases daily. She is our little sponge (and our little parrot). I have to watch what I say soooo carefully because chances are she will be saying it seconds after I do. Here are a few of the phrases on repeat around here lately:

"But it seemed to be..." about everything. I'll tell her something is red and then she'll tell me, "But it seemed to be blue." I'm pretty sure she got this from some Disney.
"Forever and never."
"You're so cute!" she says this (or "You're so beautiful") to me multiple times a day while playing with my hair. Aren't I lucky? My daily confidence booster.
"Do you have blong hair?" A little cross between blonde and long.
"Is he a boy?" She has pretty much got the girl and the boy thing down pat now but she is always interested about everyone's status.
"Do you have boobs? Oh, I have moles." (She calls her nipples moles) "Daddy has moles too."
"Don't say no. You can say food." She loves telling us what not to say, especially when it comes to NO, and then telling us what we can say instead, which is inevitably food.
"My favorite is frozen. Do you like frozen?" Her favorite movie is obviously...Frozen.
"For everyone to know." She says this randomly in the middle of sentences sometimes. It is so funny. I'm fairly certain she got this from Frozen. Often she'll just jabber nonsense to her stuffed animals or dolls with snippets like this in between. I love listening to it.
"She's my sister. She will never hurt me." Also from Frozen and usually said when she's riding Robert like a horse (just like Anna says when she's riding her horse in the movie...I promise we only watch Frozen like once a week).
"I'm gonna go get my stool, ok?" That little stool is going to be the death of me. She pulls it up to everything so she can see and "help."
"Lou Lou's crying, she needs some milk."
"We gotta be nice friends." This is typically what she says after she's pushed someone or taken their toy because she knows I'm going to tell her to be nice to her friends.
"You're not very nice to me." This is usually said between tears after I've gotten upset with her and is actually pretty heartbreaking.
"Here's your ticket to the movie." She pretends pretty much anything is a ticket to a movie, especially receipts.
Us: "Why were you in time out?" Minnie: "Because I am so sad."  Well...not quite.
"You're a bobo!" She thinks this is hilarious for some reason. I think she got a bobo from adorable.
"What's going on here?" This is usually said upon entering a room full of people. It kills me every time!
"I don't understand what you're crying about." to Louie whenever she's crying really hard.
She saw a pair of Robert's dress shoes by the front door and turned to me and said, "Daddy's feet are cold," certain he'd gone to work barefooted.
"Up-slide-down" rather than upside-down
"Moff" rather than moth. I love that she sometimes pronounces her th's like f's 


  1. What is going on here? The things she says are way more Bobo than what my kids say. The just wrestle and do "hulk smashes".

  2. "I don't understand what you're crying about" is absolutely my favorite, though they are all adorable. Already using her parenting psychology on her sister!