Friday, June 13, 2014

weekly rewind

best: nielsens frozen custard with mikey, nikki and sweet baby hudson - cafe rio and park date with auntie julia - warm sunday walk - five guys with the Raneys...sure love those three! - a killer monday night bball game and a trip to chunga's with the gummersalls afterwards - minnie's teeth-brushing dance moves to elmo's "brush your teeeeeeeth" - rec center pass....finally! summer may now commence - killer sunsets every. single. night. bountiful kills it in the sunset department with views of the lake to the west - pool day with Nikki and baby George - planting the six starter plants our cute former neighbors gave us (let's pray they survive our black thumbs!) - meeting julia for lunch and riding trax around downtown (min's dream come true!) -a good long chat with my mom...2 1/2 weeks until she and my dad are home!! not like I'm counting down or anything - our sweet neighbor chopping down the trees we'd mentioned we'd like to get rid of...such a nice surprise - late night netflix movies and cuddling with my love (and popping popcorn and somehow not waking up the little ladies)

worst - robert going out of town and me having to be a single mama for a few days (I dread his daggum work trips) - the 3.3 EARTHQUAKE that had me (who am I kidding? it STILL has me...) totally anxious and planning how I will scoop up both girls and get them under the dining room table in five seconds flat - Min's insane hives that looked like a serious, life-threatening disease. thank the blessed heavens above they are gone - Louie's new arm pinching fettish...every time I'm holding her she grabs the tiniest amount of skin on the back of my arm and squeezes and it's all i can do not to scream - minnie secretly wetting the bed and not finding out until nap time 6 hours later - our ghetto tv antenna not picking up abc so I can watch ellen (I know, I life is so hard)

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