Wednesday, July 22, 2015

louie's 2nd birthday at the cabin

Louisa turned two this weekend. TWO! I feel like I just blinked and two years passed and my little babe is now a real live kid. It's probably because I still consider her to be my little baby, but when Minnie was this age she was already a big sister and I think subconsciously I made Min grow up more quickly because she had to. With Lou, however, I'd prefer if she'd be my baby forever and ever. Sadly, that's not how this little game of life works and I'm trying coming to terms with it but it ain't easy.

I had a bit of an internal dilemma trying to decide what to do for Lou's birthday. Party? No party? Trip to the cabin? Honestly, my mom guilt was telling me I should have a party because that's what you do for birthdays, right? But then I remembered...she's two. She doesn't care. It's always good to give myself a bit of a reality check now and then because I'm telling you, I can become quite irrational in this mom brain of mine. When I thought about heading to the cabin for her big day I realized that's exactly what we should do. Being totally unplugged and away from the distractions of housework and yard work gives us the opportunity to really soak up our time together with the girls. We just get to BE, and that's a really liberating and unusual feeling these days. The girls love the cabin and every time I see them there, messy hair and dirt under their fingernails, I am reminded of how happy it makes them.

Robert's mom came up with us on Friday evening and my sister, Julia and her cute friend Gretchen made their way up Saturday morning. We woke up the first morning to a major thunderstorm and fixed up an enormous breakfast as the thunder clapped outside. It felt so cozy. I put two candles in Lou's pancake for her to blow out and watching her look around at us as we sang to her was just about the sweetest thing. I also brought up a little present for Lou to open, as did Grandma, so it was nice to feel like we had a bit of a celebration for her. The girl is really getting the hang of opening presents, so long as Minnie doesn't beat her to it. After breakfast we relaxed and snuggled on the couch and built the girls a big fort. Luckily the storm lightened up a little later so we took the girls outside to swing. I think they were in those swings more than half of our trip. Swings with a view. Can't beat it. Plus, a dad who gives underdogs tirelessly is kind of like every kids dream, isn't it? Robert busted out the old tractor and the girls were half totally terrified and half elated screaming, "GO DADDY, GO!" as he drove on by. I think deep down that Bob was meant to be a country boy. 

Minnie has become our little adventure girl. She loves to live on the edge and is obsessed with "four-wheels" as she calls them. She couldn't get enough of them. While Lou was napping Saturday afternoon Bob, Minnie and I took a long four-wheeler ride up to the other side of the Collard property which was absolutely stunning. There is one section just filled to the brim with the biggest Aspen trees I've ever seen. I felt like I was in a fairy tale driving through it and was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. I guess some things are just meant to be savored and remembered in my heart because I don't think a picture would even do it justice. 

Saturday night we made tinfoil dinners and s'mores and I brought up a tiny little chocolate cake so we had one more chance to sing to the tiny birthday lady. As Robert lit the candles and before we started singing Lou started singing her own little rendition of happy birthday to herself. It was pretty dang cute. And look at those little puffed cheeks blowing out the candles up above! I just love that little girl so much. The sky put on quite the show for about 30 minutes as it changed from gray to blue to purple to red and then pink. It was magic and a perfect ending to a birthday. We then got some good games in after the girlies went to bed (which is typically my favorite part about the cabin. Can't help it...I'm a gamer).

Louie didn't sleep terribly well both nights and was up at about 6:00 hollering "Mommy! Mommy?!" Why won't she ever yell for Daddy? :) Truth be told, Bob got up with her on Saturday so I felt like it was my turn Sunday. She and I ended up hopping into the bath together, which she thought was hilarious. Minnie came down about 15 minutes after we'd gotten in and said, "Hey, what are you doing in there, Mom?" She couldn't believe it. I told her I was about to get out so she could get in but she didn't want to be left out on the fun and told me there was plenty of room for her so...she slipped in the back of the tub and we rub-a-dub-dubbed-three-girls-in-a-tub. When at the cabin, right?

It is always hard to leave the cabin. It just is. I just feel this sense of peace there. I think it's being disconnected from the world. And the mountains don't hurt one bit. I just love the mountains. I'm so grateful we spent Lou's birthday up there. I don't think she would have rather been anywhere else. And my cute mom put together a little family celebration on Sunday evening so the girl got lots of birthday love. Happy birthday to my sweet Louie girl! Can't believe you're TWO.

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  1. These pics are amazing. I need to try harder. Thanks for motivating me!