Wednesday, July 8, 2015

monthly rewind {june edition}

best: a grandma day to the zoo and another to liberty park for a taco bell picnic and a few rides - dinner at shelly's with sara and shell - minnie's first day of ballet (I'm still not sure if she's loving it or kind of despising it...maybe too much structure? we shall see) - water day at our house with the Parrish crew - the trip to the cabin that we are hoping to recreate here pretty soon - our big shade tree in the backyard- getting to play with baby Jeremiah - $5 summer dresses at H&M for the girls which have been on repeat the last 2 months (I'm pretty sure they've forgotten what pants are) - our meager first harvest of tomatoes (I ate them right after we picked them. couldn't help it) - walks with our buddies on fridays - eating breakfast outside while the girls play in the water table in their skivvies - lots of splash pad time - popsicles - the Pia family reunion - celebrating Mom's birthday with a toasty bbq in our back yard - Pineview Reservoir with the Lamb girls - going on adventures every day with the girls - celebrating father's day and hanging out at my parents house until bedtime - jumps on Grandma Collard's trampoline and swings at Grandma and Grandpa Mecham's - park night with Julia topped off with a dance party with Grandpa - finally buying our tickets for Costa Rica! (but I'm kind of freaking out about leaving the girls, even though I know they'll be happy with my mom) - installing A/C for Julia and Gretchen - Lou's long naps

worst: the weather as hot as hades...I felt like I was literally going to melt for about 2 weeks straight - weeding, weeding, and weeding our yard. It never ends - leaving elephant at the VanWagenen's house for pretty much all of June. He and Minnie's reunion was about as glorious as it gets. Luckily she has 7,000 other stuffed animals that stood in for him while he was away - taking the girls shopping. why do I even try? - snuggles that turn into wrestling matches and lots of high-pitched, angry screams - the worms getting to the cherries in Grandma Collard's tree before we could - our enormous yard becoming Robert's part-time job on the weekend. Note to self: next house make sure the yard is half the size - missing Oliver's blessing - missing the days that the girls would fall asleep in the car and transfer to their beds - an eternally messy car

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