Wednesday, August 5, 2015

weekly rewind {july edition}

best: watching Minnie at ballet - swimming lessons next door - mega Gap sales - random cool and rainy days - Collard reunion in Mt. Pleasant - sprinklers and the kiddie pool in the backyard - finally getting the patio furniture Robert built painted (he did such a good job!) - VT swimming party - girls night at my house when Robert was at scout camp (and Sara sleeping over!) - Elyse in town! - dinners out on the patio - a trip out to the Raney's to play with Nikki and George - a BBQ in the Gummersall's amazing backyard - an impromptu family dinner date downtown - Thursday yoga classes - the Handcart Days parade with good friends - Robert roller blading 3 1/2 miles to the parade because he didn't want to park - Cottonwood Country Club pool day with the Arringtons - Lou wearing her sunglasses around the house for hours on end - our first successful trip to the movies as a family (and $4 matinees at the theater by our house) - getting all of Min's birthday invites out before we leave for Costa Rica - COSTA RICA today!!! - a Sunday dinner that miraculously came together from things we had in the fridge - all of Lou's new phrases (shoo bee! - shoo fly! - can I see it, mommy? - can I try it? - Minnie doesn't like it) - Saturday morning pancakes - family snuggles in Minnie's bed every night - great thrift finds - the annual pioneer day party at Nick and Megan's (taaaacos!)

worst: Lou pooping on the chair in her room - not getting into this session of swimming lessons - Louie jumping into the deep end with no fear and me swimming as fast as I could from the shallow end to save her (the girl needs to learn how to swim because she literally has no fear) - melted crayons in Bob's tent - Lincoln falling over the railing and breaking both wrists :( poor bubba! - popped stroller tires - sunburns (gotta let that sunscreen set for at least 30 minutes and reapply...I'm learning a lot with a fair skinned Lou) - Minnie coloring all over our coffee table - flies in the house (we need a screen door or something) - tomato plants that just won't produce - Robert at scout camp for 3 days

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