Thursday, October 8, 2015

playing a major game of catch up

I have kind of taken a hiatus from posting on Instagram for some reason recently, which has led me to take waaaaay fewer pictures than I usually do. Setting my phone down more and being more present in the moment has been liberating and also a little sad now that I look back and realize I haven't been documenting our lives very well the last few months. Some of my very favorite pictures of my girls are ones I took with my phone and I am going to get my booty in gear and try to take more.

We had such a good summer this year. We didn't do anything too grand, but it just felt slow and easy, just like it should. It's funny how when summer starts I just ache for it to never end, but this year, when the cooler weather hit, the leaves began to change and we saw Halloween decor start to pop up around the neighborhood, I was ready for fall. I love all the traditions and holidays that come with the cooler weather, even if it does mean that snow is on its way. Wah wah. 

Here is a little bit of a recap of the last month or two of our summer in "weekly rewind" form, because heaven knows that with all the good, we did have some sour moments, and those are sometimes the funniest to look back on.

Best: Zupas and then Davis County fair rides for Minnie's 4th birthday - Gracie's baptism - a semi-Collard-reunion up at the cabin to celebrate Robert's dad's life as we spread his ashes at his favorite part of the property - a girl's night staycation at the Hilton for Shelly's birthday and before Abi moved - a last-minute Lagoon hurrah a month or so ago - a quick sushi date for our anniversary dinner (Costa Rica probably counted for like the next 10 anniversaries) - summer evening park runs - Preschool starting for Minnie...summer couldn't end soon enough for her. Preschool is her true love - Monday night watercolor classes with my cute friend, Dani - a very successful potty training experience with Lou. I'm knocking on wood as I write this - getting to go with Minnie on her field trip to the police and fire station (which was kind of a bust but...Lou felt like such a big girl with all the big kids and couldn't have been happier to be in preschool for a day) - taking pictures for people (I love love love it but it can definitely stress me out) - General Conference weekend - the primary program - my mission reunion and seeing old friends from the MTC I haven't seen in six years - the Miller's sealing to their little babe in the Bountiful temple - Minnie singing a solo in sacrament meeting of "I Am a Child of God." I was stressed out of my mind but she said she could do it, and she did it without a single hesitation and a huge smile across her face. I teared up accompanying her. I was so proud - dance for Mins - going to our cute friend Chloe's volleyball game at the U 

Worst: my worst night sleep ever in the tent up at the cabin, freezing my toosh off and just knowing that the girls were going to get hypothermia (even though they both slept like rocks) - saying goodbye to Abi as she headed off to Michigan for who knows how long - Minnie's severe dislike of the bike we got her for her birthday. For the little daredevil she is, you wouldn't believe how scared she is of that thing - a super sick and raspy-voiced Lou girl - Lou being too short for some of the best kiddie rides at Lagoon - Minnie finding my lipstick during quiet time. Luckily she only smeared it all over her face, not all over the couch - hay fever for me and the worst headaches for weeks on end (oof!) - a flooded guest bedroom during all the rain making for the stinkiest basement in history - car issues for both cars (being an adult is the pits sometimes)


  1. I seriously love you!!! You're beautiful, you're amazing and I miss you dearly. Even though it hasn't sunk in that I am actually gone I seriously miss you! It's depressing. I just can't wait for you to come visit! Love you and your cute family. Give the girls hugs and kisses from me!

  2. I can't stop laughing at minns lipstick picture. It makes me so happy and she is so proud

  3. THE LIPSTICK!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  4. THE LIPSTICK!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!