Sunday, October 11, 2015

in the mountains

I have been wanting to go up into the mountains for awhile and see the changing leaves and this weekend we finally got around to it. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in Salt Lake City, but it still felt good to be outside and I'm telling you, our girls are rarely happier than when they are outside exploring. It was obvious on our way up the canyon that we'd missed the peak fall colors, but there were still a few bright yellow aspens holding out which made the trip worth it.

Silver Lake is seriously the best little hike for kids. It's not even a hike, really, it's more of a walk, which is right about Min and Lou's speed right now. We saw a few ducks, fish, collected and threw rocks in the lake and even bumped into my sister, Julia, and her boyfriend, Colin, who were on their way down from a different hike. What are the chances?! Lou and Min were so excited. Lou especially. I swear the girl has a crush on Colin. She talks about him out of context a few times a week. Speaking of Lou...we can finally fit her hair into little piggy tails! Well, more like she finally lets me put her hair into piggy tails. I feel like we've come to a bit of a solution with her mullet she has going on.

I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. We actually live quite close to mountains but I haven't really found many kid-friendly places to hike around our house. I'm still on the hunt. The larger canyons are much further from us now that we've moved, but they are still a fairly quick drive, and it's a drive I feel like we don't make often enough. Every time we get up there, or even the hikes we have found here, it just feels good

Robert has a three-day weekend with Columbus Day on Monday so I am just feeling like a million bucks knowing that I'm not going to have my usual Sunday night blues. We get him all to ourselves tomorrow. The girls are down for the night, he's beside me on the couch right now, and I'm thinking hard about popping some popcorn and watching a bit of The Voice with him right now. Party animals, right?!! Hurray for three-day weekends!