Friday, May 6, 2016

our lazy cinco de mayo

Yes, that is indeed Louie shirtless in the yard again. I have a hunch it will be a common scene this summer. Goodness I love that chubby little bod! And also...our first family of five selfie! Will missed the memo that we try to look at the camera when we take our selfies, but I'm confident he'll get it in the next year. This was taken during my most favorite and least favorite time of the day...bedtime. I love all snuggling up on the couch together to read the scriptures and a story, but somehow it is just such a tricky time too because the girls are super tired and try to prolong the actual going to bed part for as long as possible, which usually ends up in some naughtiness. Minnie now has Robert doing a whole laundry list of items before she actually closes her eyes. First, there's something fun like a horsey ride or a rocket ship ride, then an additional made up fairy tale (which he's quite good at) after she gets into her bed, then a lullaby, a drink of water and then she tells him this insanely long dream she hopes he'll have. It's pretty darn sweet but it takes FOREVER! Min and Lou both hate it when he's at young men's or something and it's just me putting them to bed because I am the fun killer and try to get them all settled in within 15 minutes and skip over about 90% of the laundry list. I sort of love that he does all of that with them though because night time is really his only time with them and they love having his undivided attention.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are what Minnie calls our "do whatever we want" days because she doesn't have preschool or soccer so we just get to do whatever we want. I have come to love these days with a new baby because we can take mornings extra slow and I feel like I can really focus my attention around the house...or nap :). You know, whatever the priority is that day. It tends to be the latter these days for me. Every night during prayers Minnie will halfway open her eyes as she's praying to ask me what tomorrow is. When I tell her it's Tuesday or Thursday she'll say, "Oh, our do whatever we want day. So...what are we going to do?" If I don't have an answer she'll just start asking to do things she wants to do like go to a friends house or go to the park, and if I say maybe she'll just continue with her prayer and ask Heavenly Father to bless us to have fun doing whatever it is she decided we should do. It's hilarious. The girl loves to make plans. Yesterday we spent most of the day at our pajamas. I was not entirely unproductive though! The girls played outside while I raked up all the branches from the windstorm a few days ago and then swept the patio and pulled some weeds. I nursed Will outside after he woke up and watched the girls draw with chalk and then we made lunch and made a little picnic out of it. Later that night we celebrated Cinco de Mayo the only way Americans know how...eating Mexican food. We went to a place called Nacho House with the Lambs and the Carters and in spite of the looks of the place from the outside, the food wasn't half bad. The kids were all so excited to be out to dinner together and we definitely had the loudest table in the restaurant, but all things considered it was a pretty peaceful meal with kids. We came home and the girls helped Bob and me weed the front yard for a bit and Will just sat in his carseat and watched the cars drive by like a content little baby that he rarely is unless he's sleeping. It kind of felt like heaven for a minute. He then proceeded to have the biggest blowout of his life, but we didn't let that ruin the night. Lately we've been in kind of a rut as far as our nightly routine goes, so it was refreshing to mix it up a little and the glorious weather yesterday just got me so excited for summer and warm nights spent outside together.


  1. It wasn't till my kids started preschool that I realized how much I enjoy not having a schedule. I, like Minnie, need lots of "do whatever you want days" (she's hysterical!!). I am not signing Eldon up for preschool at all because of that. I love spending the day outside. It's the best when the weather is amazing! Sorry baby Will is so fussy. I bet you feel like you're losing your mind!

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